We can provide a comprehensive worldwide freight forwarding service.

Exports to any part of the world are possible and our freight department can deal with any shipment of equipment whether its 1 item or 1000 items. We can offer land, sea, or air freight.

We can apply for and obtain any export licence dependent on restrictions and approval.

We are regularly importing and exporting vehicles in and out of the UK not to mention our operations within Europe.

We use a variety of different International shipping lines and transport companies so that we can obtain the most competitive rates available. 

We can also offer full loading and off loading facilities at our Misson depot. Loads from 500kg to 45,000kg can be handled with ease. Also our purpose built loading ramp has saved considerable time when turning loads around quickly.

Generally shipments go by road to UK ports including Tilbury, Felixstow, Immingham and Southampton but occasionally when time is a critical factor goods are air freighted out from the local airport (Robin Hood).

A recent example was the movement of several Hagglunds machines to Australia.

What is Ro-Ro

Most vehicles we sell are shipped using the Ro-Ro method

Ro-Ro is an acronym for Roll-on/roll-off. Roll-on/roll-off ships are vessels that are used to carry wheeled cargo.

The video opposite (Public Domain Footage) explains in more detail the shipping method and the vessels involved.

If you already have a shipment en route then you can track it using the link provided below: