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Our friendly staff will help you with everything from a quote to export

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Toyota Hilux 2.5 D4D iCON - MoD Ref: 50307

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Toyota Hilux 2.5 D4D iCON - Govsales of ex military vehicles for sale, mod surplus

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Toyota Hilux 2.5 D4D iCON - MoD Ref: 50307


We are selling one of our demonstrator vehicles which comes complete with one of our own de-mountable drop in bodies.

The bed has also been spray lined to offer maximum protection.

This car has been well looked after and is a clean example with 55,000 miles, the top has not been used for anything other than demonstration and so is clean and ready for use, it was colour coded to the car and has a number of optional extras (see below)

The car has factory SATNAV installed (worth ??850 + vat)

Price is ??14,995 + vat ( a vat invoice will be provided )

If the top is not required we have a second identical car available without the top which has just 15,000 miles on the clock - ring for details

The de-mountable body has a full length opening door and has been fitted with optional extras inc.

  • The demountable body has been professionally produced by us - for more information on the body and photos of this particular vehicle visit our site at:

    What is the benefit of the drop in de-mountable body?

    Quite simply as the name suggests it is a self contained unit which drops into the empty bed of your pickup truck*.

    A normal pickup will have one of three things:

  • An open bed i.e. no cover perhaps with a plastic liner or spray liner (which we can supply)
  • A tourneo cover being either a fabric based or metal folding or hinged bed cover
  • A top of some description which sits on the edge of the bed held down by clamps and provides a roof over the contents only.
  • The benefits of a drop in de-mountable pickup body is that the pickup body is a self contained pod meaning that it can be removed from the truck bed with it's contents still inside.

    What makes this top different?

    Most pickup type tops sit on the rim of the bed and have a rear door which closes to the top of the tailgate only.

    Other pickup top options involve either a complete change of the rear tub body or removal of the tailgate which leaves the whole door exposed.

    Our top gives you a full length door whilst keeping the tailgate for added security.

    The benefits of having been designed with a full height contoured lockable rear door which sits behind the tailgate are:

  • A full height door which gives cover over the tailgate area
  • Security when the body is off the vehicle
  • Double security when on the vehicle because the body door is closed behind the tailgate
  • We have designed this drop in pickup body with the inclusion of slots for forklift tynes to allow large volume users to be able to interchange units in a relatively short period of time. With our design you can swap tops in a matter of minutes and because the unit has a full length lockable door the pod remains a closed and secure container when off the vehicle.

    Customers who use pickups with tops: Emergency services Power companies Water Companies Council services Construction companies Private owners

    The benefits of the drop in pickup body to all of these users becomes apparent in two ways


    Costs can be reduced by having a pod system which is interchangeable meaning that one vehicle can perform several tasks, we have listed just a few examples below:

    Fire Fighting where the body is fitted with a pump system for the fire service for rapid response Flood response where the body is fitted with a pump and other equipment for assisting with floods Search and rescue where the body is equipped with specialist equipment Power and water companies where the body is fitted out as a mobile workshop PRIVATE USE

    For the private buyer the basic level drop in pickup body is light enough to be lifted off (empty) and set to one side to allow the use of the pickup bed for other purposes.

    When it is on the pickup it can be used for everything from transporting animals to being kitted out for recreational diving.

    Video's are available to view being:


    Video of forklift removal and installation

    If you are interested a demountable drop-in body for your own Toyota Hilux or have any questions please give us a call on 01302-954007

    CATEGORY 4x4 Pickup
    ENGINE 2.5 L D4D 2KD-FTV
    GEARBOX 5 Speed Manual
    BRAKES Disc
    TYRES 265/65 R17
    L x W x H 5.26m x 1.835m x 1.86m
    GROSS WEIGHT 3040kg
    HOURS / MILEAGE 56,000 miles
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    Toyota Hilux 2.5 D4D iCON
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