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AFV - Spartan CVR(T) - MoD Ref: 50324

AFV - Spartan CVR(T) - Govsales of ex military vehicles for sale, mod surplus

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AFV - Spartan CVR(T) - MoD Ref: 50324


Just arrived direct from the military is this (DIESEL powered) Spartan CVRT Armoured Personnel Carrier

These vehicles are now becoming a rare find and this is the last one we have available

The vehicle is in excellent condition throughout

The Spartan vehicle featuring a length of 17 feet, a width of 8 feet and a height of 8.5 feet. It's low profile and compact size make it an agile and small target on the battlefield. As an infantry mover, the vehicle is armed solely with a 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) for self-defense and suppression of enemy infantry. Eight smoke grenade dischargers (two banks of four each) are situated along the vehicle's sides and used for screening the vehicle. Power is served from a diesel-fueled powerpack, Maximum road speeds reach 60 miles per hour with an operational road range out to 320 miles. The Spartan retains an amphibious quality, relying on an erected (by the crew) floatation screen and propelled through water sources by the movement of its own tracks. Running gear consists of a "track-and-wheel" arrangement featuring five rubber-tired road wheels to a hull side, the drive sprocket at front and the track idler at rear.

No track return rollers are featured.

A standard Spartan operating crew is three though two are used when arranged to carry more infantry.

Four passengers can be fitted with the standard three-crew.

The driver sits at front-left with the powerpack to his immediate right and this then opens the bulk of the hull for the crew, supplies and storage.

A cupola is identified just aft of the driver's position for the commander and can mount the machine gun armament.

CATEGORY Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV's)
ENGINE Cummins 6BT A 5.9 Litre 190 HP
STEERING Slew braking
TYRES Steel tracks with rubber pads
L x W x H 4.8m x 2.4m x 2.2m
HOURS / MILEAGE 500 Hours / 9,221 Miles
EXPORT REQUIREMENTS ...more SIEL Licence Required
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